Mark Robertson
    Jah Cutta&Determination


    G.A.S Drummers 2006-2008
    Bedouin Soundclash 2002-2005



    Robertson performing liveRobertson in World Sound
    Robertson, the singer-songwriter and main instigator behind the internationally acclaimed Montreal pop band Bullfrog, is ready to hit it live with his new Lp ' Favorite People '. After years of working the Montreal and Canadian club circuit, touring the world as Bullfrog's front man and kid koala's guitar player, headlining clubs and festivals all over north America and Europe, Robertson has been turning heads as a solo artist.

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    Jah Cutta -

    Jah CuttaJah Cutta performing live
    For the last 20 years, there has been a rumble in the lion's den. Finally, Jah Cutta has decided it's time to roar. Early successes overseas lead to their success at home. Renowned for his ferocious live performances, Jah Cutta has shared the stage with some of Reggae's greatest entertainers including Peter Tosh, The Wailers, Gregory Issacs, Beenie Man and Buju Banton. The long awaited new full-length “A Me Dis” will be released in March 2010.

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    Sean Sellers

    Sean SellersSean Sellers
    So it all started in 1992, 3 months after I graduated high school I went to Europe in a hardcore band called Downcast who were on Ebullition records. FRom 93 to 95 I played in two different Ebullition bands 1)Jara 2)Manumission. In that time I also played in a local Santa Barbra band called Sparker who helped start the Mad Caddies.

    In 1995 I joined Good Riddance and toured the world with them until 2000 at which point I moved back to LA to try and further my career. In 2000 and 2001 I played for Downset, the Ataris,Strung Out, recorded drums on a Cypress Hill song, the Sahara movie soundtrack and several sessions for Producer Ryan Greene, I also played Percussion for the Offspring. At the end of 01 I joined Kdneythieves who recieved a gold record for the Queen of the damned soundtrack and I also started playing for the old school punk band Dr Know. In 2003 Luke from Good Riddance and I started a new band called Outlie of which Greg Hetson from Bad Religion put out and I rejoined Good Riddance that year.

    In 2004 I played for Rise against while there drummer was in the hospital and I joined The Real Mckenzies of whom I still tour and Record with and starting in 2010 I will start playing with Yesterdays Ring.

    Check out this video of Darkets Days by Good Riddance feat. Sean Sellers on Drums

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